Zee Code Group is a Group Comprising of Desktop, Mobile and Web Programmers as Well as Application Testers, Electrical and Electronic Engineers..

The Sole Purpose of Creating Zee Code is to Enable Collaboration of IT Professionals, Engineers and Individuals to Develop Applications.

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  • Zee Code Group Next Meeting
    May 19, 2014

    Furthur Discussions on the Zee Code Grooup Constitution and other matters will be discussed. Projects assigned to respective members will also be inspected and demoonstrated.

  • Website Launched
    April 26, 2014

    Zee Code Website is Up and Running and Ready to use. Membbers should visit the Login Page to Login or the Signup Page to create a New Account. Thank You. Public Relations Officer (P.R.O).

Why Join

Raising The Standards

Our main aim at Zee Code is to make Technology easier by creating sophisticated Apps that have Simple and User Friendly interfaces for users.

Naa Adoley Pappoe - Zee Code Group, Inc.

Steps For The Future

With our Team of Programmers and Testors our products relased will not only be targeted for todays users but tommorrows users as well.

Enoch Lantey Attoh - Zelda Technology.